Do You Need A Degree To Become An Artist?

80_colorful_vector_art_music_wallpapers_765766A number of aspiring artists are stuck at the notion that they will never be successful in their career because they lack one very important aspect of success – a degree. This is how they are led to believe. There are a lot of artists in the world that have regretted their decision to drop out of art school or have not taken a degree when they had the chance.

The more they think about it, they more they are trapped in the loop believing that they will never become successful artists. Some of them even feel that having a degree will help improve their skill and their exposure to the art world. But the truth is, they are only believing in a myth. The art community as a whole believes that this is not the case at all.

If you are aspiring to become an artist, get rid of the belief that you need to earn a degree. You are not alone in this matter as most people aspiring to become successful in their career are led to believe that a degree is necessary. Not all careers require it, especially when it comes to art. You do not need to get a degree in order to become successful in art.

Anyone can create masterful works, experience financial success with it and even exhibit them without even filling up a degree from some of the most distinguished art schools. If you explore the history of art, the ones that are highly valued in this century are varied. You will find art that do not suit to your liking only to find out that its value is almost like an estate. That’s how vast the art world is. You will eventually find people who will value your art, even if you are welcomed with hostility at first.

Banner-Art-1If you want to learn hard facts, only 22 percent of the top 50 artist that are living today hold a degree. This is based on the influences they have in museums and galleries. This data alone is enough to convince you that you do not need an art degree to gain traction and attention to your masterful artworks. You can gain a prestigious profile from your art alone.

You even have the capacity to have your masterworks to be displayed in prestigious galleries and art museums. One of the most successful art galleries in the world when it comes to financial level, the Gagosian Gallery holds 34 percent of living artists that holds a degree. Why are these facts important that you should know them? According to an art dealer named Larry Gagosian, he does not believe an artist should hold a degree to become successful in the art industry.

Experts in the art world also conducted their own research. It shows that getting a degree does not give an artist any advantage or disadvantage when getting into museums or commercial galleries. It does not even determine whether or not you are qualified to get grants or make a living out of it. What these experts have to share to aspiring artist is that they learn to live for themselves.

You should also think about in terms of practicality. Getting an art degree can be quite expensive. Those who are having financial issues should try to think carefully or they will be in debt. It will also give you little chance in paying off all loans in the chosen field.

If you wish to pursue on becoming an artist, learn from other artist. Never forget to save, fill your knowledge bank with financial management, pay attention to your surrounding, travel a lot, read, and even learn to think for yourself.